Shipping and Return Policies

Shipping Conditions –       All National Equipment equipment are sold F.O.B. shipping point (Warehouse – Charlotte, NC 28270). Even in cases of prepaid shipping, and when accepted by the carrier, such shipments become the property of the consignee.

–       Shipping Class: 92.5. Customer is responsible for shipping.

–       When shipper sets up shipment and agrees to prepay, consignee preferred carrier will be used, however we reserve to the right to ship via any responsible carrier. Rate charges or discrepancies are between carrier and consignee. Returns are not acceptable unless authorized by National Equipment Distributors LLC, in writing and RMA is issued.

–       Should damage occur in shipment, do not put the equipment into service until the damage has been inspected by an authorized National Equipment service provider. Doing so will result in voided warranty.

–       Shipping damages are a matter between the carrier and the consignee. National Equipment Distributors LLC. assumes no responsibility for damage or loss while in transit unless negligence can be established on the part of the shipper.

Receiving In such cases, the carrier is assumed to be responsible for the safe delivery of the merchandise.

1.     Make an immediate inspection while the equipment is still in the truck or immediately after it is moved to the receiving area. Do not wait until after the material is moved to a storage area.

2.     Do not sign a delivery receipt or a freight bill until you have made a proper count and inspection of all merchandise received.

3.     Note all damage to packages directly on the carrier’s delivery receipt.

4.     Make certain the driver signs this receipt. If he refuses to sign, make a notation of this refusal on the receipt.

5.     If the driver refuses to allow inspection, write the following on the delivery receipt: Driver refuses to allow inspection of containers for visible damage.

6.     Telephone the carrier’s office immediately upon finding damage and request an inspection. Mail a written confirmation of the time, date, and the person called.

7.     Save any packages and packing material for further inspection by the carrier.

8.     Promptly file a written claim with the carrier and attach copies of all supporting paperwork.

Returns – All returns are subject to a minimum of 35% restocking fee.

– All merchandise must have a return authorization (RMA) issued by National Equipment Distributors LLC.

– Units must be in original packaging without having been opened. Open box is automatically subject to 35% restocking fee.

– Units must not have been connected to a utility and in a resalable condition.

– Customer is responsible for returning shipment costs.

Handling To prevent serious injury, death or property damage:

–       Always keep equipment on top of a pallet when using a forklift or a pallet lift truck to move equipment.

–       To prevent any type of damage to installation personnel, always use enough qualified, trained, and experienced workers to handle and place the equipment on floor, stand, or counter. Use safety equipment when handling, positioning, and installing the equipment. Failure to use such safety equipment may cause injury to installation personnel.

–       Operations other than the ones indicated in this manual may cause damages (including serious ones) to people, animals and/or property, in addition to causing the equipment warranty to be forfeited and relieving the manufacturing company from any and all responsibility.

–       Check the dimensions of the doorways and passageways before attempting to move the equipment and pallet to the installation room.

–       Prior to handling the equipment, always make sure that there are no cutting and/or delicate edges that may be damaged.

–       Do not tilt the equipment. Transport the equipment in an upright and level position only.

Carefully remove the equipment from its packing. Carefully disassemble crate and keep all packaging until equipment has been installed and tested.

Remove all protective film packing material, stand, and any accessories from the equipment prior to installation process, store all accessories in a safe place.

Do not discard the included manual. The instruction manual is considered an essential part of the equipment. Therefore, it must be kept for future reference as it ensures easy referral to information about maintenance, use and cleaning of the equipment itself.

Carefully read all information contained in the included manual; all information contained must have been fully understood prior to installing and using the equipment.