Ice Cream Machine – IC8

With a complete stainless-steel body this machine guarantees quality, durability all while facilitating the cleaning process of the equipment

  • Produces up to 32 quarts (8 gallons) per hour
  • With a production capacity of 256x 4oz cones per hour
  • Batch produce up to 12x 4oz cones in a minute
  • Freezing Cylinder: Two, 1.7-liter cylinder (1.8 quart)
  • Mix Hopper: Two, 6.3 quart (6 liters)
  • All washable parts are highly durable injection molded plastic or stainless steel
  • Agitator in Hopper
  • Air Cooled Machine
  • 2x Compressors: Separate Cylinder and Hopper compressors. 3100 and 400 BTU/hr. respectively
  • Operational Modes: Serve, Conservation, Cleaning/Defrost
  • Texture Control
  • Low Mix Indicator Lights alerts operator to add mix.
  • Refrigerated Hoppers that maintain mix below 40°F (4.4°C) during Serve and Conservation modes
  • During long no-use periods, the conservation feature maintains safe product temperatures in the mix hopper and freezing cylinder
  • Hopper temperature is displayed to assure safe product temperatures
MODELS Type Length Depth height
IC8 Countertop 17.9″ 26.7″ 30″